Carpet tiles are a great choice in commercial applications

If you need commercial carpet for your business, carpet tiles might be the best choice. These pieces offer many benefits that you're sure to appreciate. No matter what size remodel you have in mind, these floors can cater to it.

Take the time to learn all about the benefits of a tile format. You'll enjoy the same great visuals and even more durability than ever before. In addition, you'll find these floors very appealing when you add a quick and easy installation.

Choose the carpet tiles that match your decor

Carpet tiles are perfect when you need the best-looking floors without breaking the bank. They provide color, design, and plenty of installation layouts for the best look. Even fiber types can contribute to a beautiful result.

These floors also have plenty of current trends that could match your decor. Be sure to browse all the options that could be a match for your space. Don't forget to share your vision for the results you're looking for, and we'll work to match that.

Durable carpeting is also very important

Especially in commercial locations, durability is one of the essential features. Take time to choose carpet squares that cater to your flooring needs. For high-traffic areas, more durability is necessary for the results you need.

Fiber is one of the most critical considerations for durability. And these tiles come in a wide variety of commercial options to meet your needs. You'll even find excellent stain protection for easy cleaning and a beautiful appearance.

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A quick and easy installation wins

Tile formats are easy to install, even in large, open spaces. In addition, many products offer a peel and stick method, with others available. That means you won't have to experience much downtime for the installation process. Carpet tiles can last from 10 to 20 years once in place, especially with the excellent durability for your space. If you're not sure about the right pieces, ask. We'll make sure you find a perfect commercial choice.

We have the commercial carpet flooring you need

At Wholesale Carpet, we cater to your need for the best flooring choices. We stock our inventory with materials that are sure to serve you well. And our associates are standing by to help you choose a perfect option.

When you visit our Malden, MA showroom, you'll find the perfect carpet tiles. From there, we serve residents from Boston, MA, Greater Boston Metropolitan Area, MA, Easter Massachusetts, MA, and Boston North Shore, MA. Please stop by today and let us help you find your new flooring.